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WHO are we?  

Established in 1993, Technospeak is a software consultancy and training company based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

WHAT do we do?  

We provide bespoke software services for clients from a variety of sectors. These services include desktop and web application development, incorporating problem analysis, solution design and implementation, along with user training and technical support.

WHO are our clients?  

Technospeak has always responded quickly and with a timely solution — which is critical to our business.
Argus Vickers

All-rooms • Argus Vickers • Aspen Travel • Bestplate • Bridal Company • Choice Translations • Discrete Heat • Hestia Services • Hewlett Packard • HFI Group • ICL (Peritas) • Lighthouse Electronics • Link Miles • MB Machinery • Media Laundry • Moving Terrain GmbH • NLG Analytics • OpeningDoors • PEP Modular Computers • Plastics Direct • Principle Group • Pyramid Homes • Rangers Lottery • Retrieval Enterprise • Richard Davies Investor Relations • Shoreham Airport • Sun Microsystems • Unisys • University of Brighton

WHAT technology do we use?  

C# • XML • XSLT • .NET • SQL • AJAX • Delphi • CSS • HTML • JavaScript • ASP (JScript + VBScript) • C • C++
Operating Systems
DOS • UNIX • Windows (XP, 2000, NT, 95/98 and 3.1)
SQL Server • Access • MySQL• Paradox • InterBase

HOW do we work?  

Contracts of all types considered, including part-time and ad-hoc. Development work can be undertaken either here at Technospeak or at the customer site.

HOW do you contact us?  


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